Scholarship Award Recipients

The GHDS Foundation has granted scholarships to rising dental students who have been honored as our scholarship award program recipients. We congratulate these recipients, whom many are now practicing dentists and dental specialists, and support organized dentistry as active committee leaders and members.

2021 Award Recipient     Mary Jocelyn Elyse (Joy) M. Nisnisan

2020 Award Recipient     Andrew V. Mai, DDS, MPH

2019 Award Recipient:    Stephanie L. Williams, DDS

2018 Award Recipients:   Katie Richardson, MS, DDS            Nicholas Rodriguez, DDS, MPH

2017 Award Recipient:     Meredith Williams, DDS

2016 Award Recipient:     Mary Becker, DDS, MS

2015 Award Recipient:     Adrien L. Theriot, DDS, MSD